Your sedan, truck, or SUV has been through a lot this winter - from cruising through the frozen mud to working hard through extreme temperatures. Now that spring time is in full blow, your vehicle may need a little extra care, and even a tune-up, if necessary. Luckily, we at Paul Thigpen Ford Lincoln offer an excellent in-house service center with expert technicians that will satisfy your vehicle's needs with a helping hand and smile.

Explore the service menu at our dealership for your vehicle's spring maintenance.

Oil and Filter Change

Routine oil changes contribute to the strength of your engine, especially after the engine has undergone a season of rough weather. Our auto experts guarantee that your oil and filter are prepped and ready for the warmer time.

Battery Testing & Replacement

Winter is difficult on the battery, as freezing temperatures make the battery work harder than normal all season long. That's how you drain the battery. In fact, it's a great idea to get your vehicle's battery inspected at our service center if it seems to be staggering. Bring your vehicle to our dealership so that our technician can get your battery tuned up or replaced if needed.

Windshield Wipers & Fluid

The windshield wipers just spent months cleaning off ice and dirt, so it may be time to get the wipers serviced and the fluid refilled. Our technicians will replace worn blades and refill the fluid, ensuring that the spring rain gets wiped off efficiently and the summer sunshine is fully visible for your enjoyment.

Visit the Paul Thigpen Ford Lincoln Service Center for All Your Vehicle Needs

We welcome you to visit our dealership at your convenience! Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians in the service center will make sure that your vehicle is ready to help you enjoy the warmer seasons. Don't forget to explore our service specials, as we keep an updated list of the best deals in the area. We look forward to your visit!

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