Used Trucks in Vidalia, GA


A pickup truck is an ideal vehicle for doing work and hauling campers, boats, ATVs, or other fun toys on weekend getaways. Lots of great used trucks in the Lyons area offer versatility and reliability. Virtually all pickup brands make excellent models with Chevy, Ford, GMC, Ram, and Toyota among the most popular brands in the U.S. We get many excellent used models with low miles and lots of good life left in them at Vidalia's Ford Dealer.

Light-Duty Pickups Take Care of Everyday Chores

The half-ton and three-quarter-ton pickups are extremely popular light-duty pickups that do impressive work. A Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado 1500, or a GMC Sierra 1500 are great examples with seating for up to six in an extended cab or three in a regular cab. The same goes for a Ram 1500 or a Toyota Tundra pickup. They carry more than a half-ton of cargo in the bed while towing several tons in a trailer for getting things done in the Metter area. They also work great as daily drivers when need to run family errands in and near Vidalia, GA.

Heavy-Duty Pickups Handle Commercial-Size Loads

If you have a fifth-wheel camper or a commercial-level load to haul around the Baxley area, a great used heavy-duty pickup is a good option. Ford, GMC, Ram, and Chevy all have great heavy-duty models that pull several tons and carry up to two more in the bed. A stronger suspension and chassis and even diesel motors in good used trucks give them lots of towing and hauling capacity. Safety features like auto braking and blind-spot monitoring help to make travels safer on many models. Roomy cabins give you lots of legroom and better comfort with modern entertainment systems making work trips downright fun at times.

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